The Pocket Troubleshooter – Vastar Lan Cable Tester Test Tool

More items in the home and office coming setup for network access for either firmware updates or control purposes. Having a way to test the network cable is a useful tool to have in your bag of tricks. A good deal of the problems I have had with network devices sometime end up with a bad or questionable cable being the problem. This tool is very affordable and not break the bank to have it ready when you need it. There are two different settings that you can use when checking a cable, the default setting walks through each wire in the connection. The setting labeled S walk through things at a little slower pace. This is a basic cable tester that checks you check for basic cable wiring. For short cable run situations, this is usually where I have found most of the problems I have run into.

I purchased mine off of Amazon for $8. Click on the link in the notes to buy one for your toolbox today. There are more expensive tools that you can purchase but this one should take care of most of what you need in a home or small office network.

To see first hand what this troubleshooting tool can do, I have created a special playlist on my TechBytes with Ron Nutter YouTube channel. Please click on the icon on the left to see that video. Future videos on for this book will be placed in this same playlist. When the book is released, the links will be in there as well so they will be close by.

Clicking on this button will send you to Amazon where you can buy one for your collection. Full Disclosure – This is an affiliate link where I will receive a small commission for the purchase. This will not raise or lower the price you pay for the tool. Any purchase is appreciated!

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