Tracking apps for your iPhone/iPad – Fedex,UPS,USPS

For those who have been following my series on the Raspberry Pi, you have an idea of how many orders that I have been placing lately. A minimum of 1 package came by each of the Carriers whose tracking apps that follow. You may not need them a lot but there are some cases when purchasing from vendors such as Amazon, that you will get more detailed tracking information and on a more current basis that you may find when depending on just the vendor’s website for tracking updates.

FedexThe Fedex app is the one that I seem to use more than the others. When selecting “Free Shipping” on Amazon, you don’t know until the package ships exactly how it will get to you. The Fedex App is the one that I seem to use the most. When you see a package ship with the Fedex Smartpost option, even though Fedex hands off the package to your local USPS office, the traffic for the entire journey is still handled via Fedex. To take get maximum benefit, you will want to create a Fedex account. The main benefit that you will get is that you can have your package held at a Fedex office convenient to you.

UPSThe UPS app offers similar benefits but the main one you get, without “upgrading” to the higher level of service allows you to have the package held at the UPS Customer Service office at the Terminal that services your city. One thing I have learned here is that once the UPS app says that the package is at the terminal, don’t rush right over to get it. I have found that even though the tracking says it will be at the terminal, they won’t be able to find it but will acknowledge that the package is there. Best wait until the next day to get the package. The UPS app allows you to give the driver the access code to get in the gate for the secured community you live and potentially to give UPS a release from having to have a signature before leaving the package.

UPSThe USPS app is the one that I use but less than the other two I have mentioned. For those situations where the package is directly handed to USPS for deliver, I can at least have a rough idea of where the package is. The tracking is very limited and usually not that up to date when compared to Fedex or UPS but it is at least an option. Normally I would have thought about using these apps much but with the recent problem that occurred over the recently holiday season with packages being taken from homes after the delivery service had just delivered them moments ago, my thoughts on that have changed. Download these apps and give them a try. I think you will be happy that you did.

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