The Pocket Troubleshooter – HDMI High Definition Cable Tester Tool

I recently started working on my next book, tentatively titled “The Pocket Troubleshooter”. Whether you are your families designated technical support person, or do it as your chosen profession, this book will be for you. With the areas of technology seem to be a little on the gray side, you may end up doing a little of everything. For something to be included in this book, it has to be able to fit in your pocket. Understand, that with anything, the definition of how big a pocket is may be a little lax at times. The main thing is that you dont always need a fancy tool that costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollar to do something quickly that a $20 tool can do just as well. Now off to the first installment of my new book.

With more video related devices using an HDMI connection instead of connectors such as the traditional F connector (screw on connector) or RCA (usually seen on home stereo systems), having a way to test the cable can be handy. I ran into a problem several years ago where the satellite receiver I had at the time wouldnt complete the power up process. Calling tech support for the satellite provider ended up them telling me the problem was my TV. The satellite receiver would power up without the cable plugged in, so that got me starting to look at the cable. If I had this type of test tool in my bag of tricks, I could have saved myself over an hour of troubleshooting. Once I finally replaced the cable, everything started working again.

To see first hand what this troubleshooting tool can do, I have created a special playlist on my TechBytes with Ron Nutter YouTube channel. Please click on the icon on the left to see that video. Future videos on for this book will be placed in this same playlist. When the book is released, the links will be in there as well so they will be close by.

Clicking on this button will send you to Amazon where you can buy one for your collection. Full Disclosure – This is an affiliate link where I will receive a small commission for the purchase. This will not raise or lower the price you pay for the tool. Any purchase is appreciated!

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