Raspberry Pi – The Next Order

Ok, I will admit, in the few days that I have had my Raspberry Pi, I am hooked. The more I have researched the possibilities of what RPi is capable of, the more ideas I had of things to try and write about. For some reason, I dont think this will be the last order that I will be making for my RPi.

One of the projects I will work on is adding WiFi functionality to the RPi so I can try using it as an Access Point and for wireless access into an existing network.

Another idea that I want to explore is to use the RPi as a console server to network equipment so that I can get into the console port of one or more devices without having to connect directly into them.

Since I may want to have more than 2 USB devices connected to the RPI or don’t want them pulling their power from the power supply handing the RPi, I picked up a powered USB hub that was on the tested hardware list I have been working off of during this whole process.

Even though I have several 4GB SD cards that I will be using, I wanted the option of having an additional 8GB card so that if I am running an application that can generate a significant amount of logging or I want to leave running for several days, didnt want to run out of room and have other problems due of that.

One idea that I am working on is having an ultra portable RPi setup that I can have a local monitor that is just big enough to see some of the output I may need to see or to bring up an app in the XWindow graphics system that at least one project I am looking at will need at one point in the process.

In checking the specs for the monitor that you see above, I needed to get a power supply capable of powering it but not too big where it couldnt fit into a small container.

One of the other projects I am looking into will need to have a second RJ45 ethernet port to test using it as a router or a firewall, etc.

Shopping List Price
Airlink Fully compatible Wireless N 150 Ultra Mini-USB Adapter (AWLL5099) $11.00
Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter (Prolific PL2303HX Rev D Chipset) $13.00
D-Link DUB-H4 High Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub $19.00
Polaroid 8 GB High Speed Class 10 MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card for Tablet PCs and Smartphones (P-SDU8G10-EFPOL) $12.00
4.3” Color TFT Car Monitor Support 480 x 272 Resolution + Car/Automobile Rear-view System Mirror Display Monitor $27.00
Wall Adapter Power Supply – 12VDC 1A $7.00
Sabrent USB 2.0 to RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Base-T Network Adapter (NT-USB20) $14.00
Total Cost (minus Shipping/Taxes) $103.00

To see more of my posts about the Raspberry Pi, please go to http://www.ronnutter.com/category/raspberry-pi/

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