Raspberry Pi – FTP Server Install

Raspian – 2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian
FTP service – vsftpd_2.3.5-3

In this installation of the Raspberry Pi series that I am writing for my fellow network engineers, we will tackle the installation and configuration of the FTP service. After you have logged into your RPi, start the process of installing vsftp by doing sudo apt-get install vsftpd.
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To get vsftpd usable, we need to make a few configuration changes to vsftpd using sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf. To allow user accounts on RPi to, you need to uncomment the following options – local_enable=YES, write_enable=YES. After making those changes, you will need to do a sudo service vsftpd restart. After re-establishing your FTP session, you should now be able to upload.

After doing a test upload using either Filezille or the ftp client of your choice, you can check the vsftpd log file to see what it thinks happened. Use tail /var/log/vsftpd.log to view the log file.

This is what the log looks like after I did the first upload –

Tue Mar 12 01:07:49 2013 [pid 2] CONNECT: Client “”
Tue Mar 12 01:07:49 2013 [pid 1] [pi] OK LOGIN: Client “”
Tue Mar 12 01:07:50 2013 [pid 3] [pi] OK UPLOAD: Client “”, “/home/pi/test.pdf”, 178

That’s it. You now have a FTP server up and running.

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