Raspberry Pi – Custom banner using motd

After my post yesterday about the login banner, I receive a suggestion on another way to do it that makes even more sense. As I understand it, you don’t have the functionality of doing calculations, etc in the MOTD but for what I need, it has several pluses for using MOTD versus the script I came up with yesterday. You only have to edit one file for all users instead of having to edit multiple file for multiple users. I used the following command to do that – sudo nano /etc/motd.

You saw what I used for a banner displayed when I logged in yesterday. What follows is even simpler –

* Configuration: Banner using MOTD *

By editing /etc/sshd_config, you can change the PrintMotd to no to not displaying the MOTD for SSH users. I haven’t found a similar option for Telnet users. I know that Telnet isn’t secure but I occasionally do some testing using that access method. There is another way that you can “disable” MOTD and that is to have either have no MOTD file or to create an empty file by using the touch command. I am looking for some references for what I can do with MOTD that differ from what I wrote about in my previous post on this subject.

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