Raspberry Pi – Changing the hostname of your RPi

One of the first tasks that everyone should probably do with their RaspberryPi is the change the hostname. This is a two step process. You need to edit the hostname file. Using the sudo nano /etc/hostname, you can change the name of your RPi here. Save your change and exit Nano. The make the change show up, you will need to reboot in order for that change to take.

You will need to make the change in one other file. Do a sudo nano /etc/hosts. I have deal with this file before. From the windows machines that I have worked with, you can specific what name you want a specific ip to resolve to that may or may not be present in your DNS server. From the research I have done, if you don’t change the name of your RPi to the same thing that you specified in the /etc/hostname, you may run into some problems where the RPi may display errors about resolving it’s own hostname.

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