Raspberry Pi – Boot Media creation on a Mac

Got a little surprise from the Postman today when part of my RaspberryPi order arrived. The order is arriving in separate packages. In this case, the RaspberryPi board and the 8GB Sandisk SD card arrived. I took the opportunity to download the RPI-SD card builder v1.2 and several images that I want to try out when the rest of the order arrives in the next few days.

In the video you see in this post, I walk through the process of creating a boot SD card for the RaspberryPi board on a Mac. As I get copies of the other linux distributions available for this little gem, I will setup bootable copies of those as well. As time permits, I will also do videos on what is involved on creating bootable SD cards under Windows and Linux.
YouTube Preview Image
As I learn more about what this little board will do, I will start building a list of additional items to order for it – Wifi, Bluetooth, additional SD cards, USB hub, USB to serial adapter, etc. From the reading I have done so far, I see a lot of potential uses that will be explored as time and funds permit. If you have a particular use that you would like to see investigated, send me an email via the Contact Me menu option at the top of the screen.

To see more of my posts about the Raspberry Pi, please go to http://www.ronnutter.com/category/raspberry-pi/

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