Mobile Broadband – Carry Case & Inverter

During my recent trip to CCNP Bootcamp, I took the opportunity to take my Cradlepoint CTR35 and both USB broadband adapters. While I didnt need either of the Broadband adapters, it was good to have both of them just in case. The CTR35 was nice to have along. I plugged it into the wired network drop in the CTR35 and then was able to get my laptop, iPad and iPhone on the network connection without having to individually authenticated all of them. This also allowed me to safely sync my devices without having to get creative on getting to do so over the hotel wireless.

Gear PouchAlthough my normal case of choice is some flavor of the Pelican line, it just wasnt practical in this situation because I was trying to travel as light as possible. I had found a good case for my MacBook Pro from the folks at SFbags. They have a great little case that will handle the CTR35, it’s power supply and both broadband adapters. I havent found a better case for my Mac laptop and I have yet to be disappointed with the Small gear pouch that I carry the CTR35 in. I already had that and while it does fit everything, it is a big snug. If I were going to get a new gear pouch, I would probably step up to a medium case that would leave just a skosh more room to carry a network cable, just in case. Now that I am back from Bootcamp, I will keep the case setup as it is.

Even without having a slight bigger case, I would also suggest carrying s small inverter for use when I am in the car or at a location that only has DC power. This allows me to power up the CTR35 and get onto the internet without waiting to get to a source of AC power. If you dont mind a little big of engineering, you might just be able to come up with a power cable that can plug directly into the DC connector in a car. If you do create this kind of cable make sure to put a fuse on both the positive and negative wires just in case there is a problem and you have a little more protection. I would probably stick with the inverter as it would have some other potential uses that I havent thought of yet.

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