Juniper – Configuration – First Steps (Part 6) Banner Creation

After setting up a login password for the root account and probably another account and password, your legal department will probably want you to put a banner on your device so that anyone attempting access will be appropriate warned that their actions are being monitored and may be acted on. Having said that, just to review, the login message will display a banner that will be displayed to all users. Unlike the login or MOTD (Message of the Day) banner on Cisco devices, setting up a banner page is a little different and from what I have seen so far, can be a little more straightforward.

The message can be split over multiple lines by using the \n keyboard sequence as a delimiter. You can think of the \n as a newline command which would be equivalent to a carriage return followed by newline. The command you will use for the banner creation is set system login message “This is a restricted system.\n All access will be monitored and logged.\n”. After the login message command has been used, anyone who accesses the equipment involved, will see the following –

This is a restricted system.
All access will be monitored and logged.

root@juniper1’s password:

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