Juniper Configuration – First Steps (Part 2) Alarm light on

After restarting the SRX100 after my last post, I noticed the alarm light turned on after a few minutes. I found the command, run show chassis alarms and entered it on the SRX100. The response came back – No alarms currently active.

I then saw this message – Message from syslogd@SRX100 at Jan 8 21:16:22 …
SRX100 SRX100 SCHED: Thread 4 (Module Init) ran for 1053 ms without yielding

Thinking it was warning me about being in a state where root access was not protected, I ran the Set system root-authentication plain-text-password, entered a password when prompted, re-entered the password for verification and then used the commit command to save what I had entered. The alarm light didn’t clear. Now I had to look for another cause of the alarm.

I reran the show chassis alarms command and got this output –

root@SRX100> show system alarms
1 alarms currently active
Alarm time Class Description
2013-01-08 21:15:32 UTC Minor Rescue configuration is not set

After doing some research, I found that I needed to define the rescue configuration. The command to do this is request system configuration rescue save. As soon as I entered the command the alarm light went out and running the show system alarms command reported no alarms currently active. Just to make sure that all was ok, I did a request system reboot. I monitored the SRX100 for several minutes after the restart and the Alarm light did not come back on.

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