Juniper Configuration – First Steps (Part 1)

In putting up the post yesterday, I didnt go into the detail I should have. What I initially thought was a password reset with a slight variation ended up being a factory reset, which is where I really wanted to be. To help keep things straight, I am going to keep the configuration steps I am learning as I go through the learning process needed to go after the JNCIA certification in this thread, while I talk about the studying and other things that I am looking at for studying and preparation in the Juniper Certification thread that first got this started.

To review, here are the steps that I took yesterday that ended up resetting the unit back to factory defaults –

– Press and hold reset button for at least 15 seconds
– Alarm light should come on
– Press power button to turn off unit
– Turn unit back on

When the unit has finished going through the post process, you should see something like this on the console screen – Amnesiac (ttyu0). Amnesiac is an indication that the slate has been wiped clean and is ready for you to start.

At this point, I wanted to reboot the system but without powering it down. Here is what I did –

root> request system reboot
Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no)

Press Y and press Enter

*** FINAL System shutdown message from root@ ***

System going down IMMEDIATELY

At this point, the SRX100 started with a clean slate. In the next installment tomorrow, I will start the process of configuring the SRX and building the learning blocks so that I can pass the exam.

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