IPv6 – Found a good site for learning IPv6 (Part 2)

Since posting the original item by this title, which I thought would be the only one, I ran into a problem. I was able to go up to the administrator level of IPv6 certification program from the folks at HE.NET but couldn’t go any further. I wasn’t able to setup the Reverse DNS or PTR records needed to continue to the higher levels of IPv6 proficiency. I was using GoDaddy as the registrar for the domain that I was using for the different steps in the IPv6 tests. I exchanged a series of emails with support and finally had to go to management at GoDaddy because I was being told it was possible but the instructions I was being provided didnt match the question I was asking. Bottom line was that they don’t support reverse DNS or PTR records. Once I found that out, I had to figure out a way to proceed.

To the forums at HE.NET I went. After exchanging a series of messages with other users, I found a solution to the problem. I went to a registrar by the name of NameCheap.com and registered a .info domain to continue my IPv6 proficiency process with for $3 (as of 2/11/12) for one year. While registering the domain, I was able to config it to use HE.NET’s free DNS servers. The next step will be to start over on the IPv6 certification process. I went to the FAQ at HE.NET (http://ipv6.he.net/certification/faq.php) for information on how to change the domain I was using for the tests. I will have to go through a reset sequence which means I will be retaking some of the tests but that is a small price to pay for being able to continue to the higher levels of the IPv6 certification process. Had I known that I would run into this stopping point, I would have started out with a different registrar and domain. I am glad that others were able to share what worked for them so that I could learn from their experience.

I will post updates under this series names as I proceed through the process.

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