IPv6 – Detecting IPv6 hosts on Chrome and Firefox

I had a followup question from one of my posts about plug-ins for browsers other than Firefox. Here is a list of what I have been able to find. Sorry to say that no plug-ins or extensions exist for either Internet Explorer or Safari. In the testing I have done so far, it doesnt appear to present a problem with having multiple add-on’s/extensions in either Firefox or Chrome all indicating IPv6 connectivity. For those using IE or Safari, it looks like you will need to run Wireshark in the background seeing if it is getting IPv6 AAAA records and then going after those IPv6 addresses.

As I indicated in a previous post, I have been able to get my most consistent results on going to IPv6 websites over IPv4 counterparts from the site site by putting native IPv6 DNS servers at the top of my DNS server use list on my laptop. Still want to get some time in the lab to see if I have run across some broken IPv6 DNS implementations or possibly DNS servers that aren’t passing on IPv6 AAAA records.

Firefox IPv6 addon’s

Chrome IPv6 Addon’s

Safari IPv6 Add-on/Extension
None found

IE IPv6 Add-on/Extension
None found

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