IPv6 – Comparison of IPv4 with IPv6

This is a table that I have put together based on my IPv6 readings to date. In putting this together, it has helped me get a better understanding of how the two differ. As I find other differences between IPv4 and IPv6, I will look at making changes to this table. I hope it helps others new to IPv6 as it is helping me. In keeping with one of my previous entries, the IPv6 addresses listed in this post are done as outlined in RFC 3849.

IPv4 IPv6
Sample Address 2001:0db8:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:8888
Interface Address 2001:0db8:3333:4444::1/64
Address Unit Octet Quartet
# Units in Address 4 8
# bits in Address Unit 8 16
Allowed Characters 0 – 9 0 – F (Hex)
Address Length 32 bits 128 bits
Broadcast Address .255 in the subnet Not Used
Loopback Address ::1/128
List of Mac Addresses Arp Table Neighbor Table
DHCP Modes Stateful Only Stateful, Stateless, Autoconfig, Neighbor Discovery
Address Shorthand None :: for not writing a range of consecutive 0’s, dont have to put leading 0 in front of a quartet
Address Assignment By ISP By region, region ISP, local ISP
Address Division Subnet Prefix or Subnet
Private Address Range RFC1918 RFC4193 but not needed
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