IPv6 – Cheatsheet on identifying valid IPv6 addresses

These are examples of addresses that I have come across while I have been reading about IPv6. Sometimes finding a invalid/bad address will take a bit longer until we all get comfortable with the shorthand and conventions of a properly formatted IPv6 address. If you have one that you dont see here, email it to me and I will add it.

Address Valid Comment
1200:0000:AB00:1234:0000:2552:7777:1313 Yes Hex characters are valid in IPv6
1200::AB00:1234::2552:7777:1313 No Can only use :: once in an address
[2001:db8:0:1]:80 Yes Example of IPv6 address specifying a port number
http://[2001:db8:0:1]:80 Yes Example of URL specifying a port number
21DA:D3:0:2F3B:2AA:FF:FE28:9C5A Yes Leading 0’s can be dropped from each quartet
1200:0000:AB00:1234:O000:2552:7777:1313 No Invalid character in field of what looks to be all 0’s
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