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VIP AccessKeeping online transactions safe is something that we must all strive to do. I am trying to do better with using strong passwords, that will doesn’t keep someone from repeatedly trying to guess your password. The downside to this is that you may experience a periodic disabling of one or more of your accounts. I had that occur with both my Paypal and eBay accounts a while back. That one of the things that got me looking at SoftTokens. While it can be seen as an additional hassle during the login process, it does add one more layer of security. While it may not keep someone from getting into one of my accounts, I dont have to make it easy for them.

These are just a few of the “soft tokens” available on the iTunes store. I keep an assortment of them handy as I never know where I may be that having one at the ready may be useful. Of all the the ones listed, I use the Symantec VeriSign VIP Access the most. Since I have accounts on both Ebay and Paypal, I have VIP Access configured for both of them. This adds another layer of security for your login. Something to keep in mind is to keep track of the Credential ID identifier. The identifier is what uniquely identifies this particular token. One of the upgrades that occurred recently changed the this value and locked me out of the accounts that it was configured for. Had to call both of them and get the value change and then go through the reinitialization sequence to get working again. The lesson that process taught me was that I need to make sure that I have my information that verifies who I am and how to reach me current on those accounts especially to make the process of getting a new token associated with the account as painless as possible.

You will see quite a few SoftTokens available for download from the iTunes store. I usually keep an assortment of these present on my iPhone just in case they may be needed. It can also show a prospective employer or vendor that you are ready for just about any type of access control they may have in use. These are just a few of the ones available for download –

RSA SecurID Software Token
WiDID Strong Authentication Token
OATH Token
CRYPTOCard MP-1 Authentication Token

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