iPad for Engineers – NTP

ET2One thing that should be at the top of everyone’s list is making sure all their network gear is in timesync with a central time source. Especially when you are dealing with things such as SSL certs and logging access, it becomes very important that all your systems are in timesync and the timesync source itself matches other source available on the Internet. This is where having a NTP client available for the iPad comes in handy. Assuming you are getting internet access through Wifi and it is going through the same source for Internet as the LAN you are on, the NTP servers the iPad client is accessing should come out to nearly the exact time (less than a fraction of a second from what the LAN is getting for it’s timesync). Checking on NTP is not a one time thing, This will need to be revisited on a periodic basis – whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly, the bottom line is that timeservers come and go, so you don’t want to find out you are trying to timesync to servers that aren’t there anymore.

There are several other NTP clients available in iTunes but this one is free and I havent found a need to go for one of the NTP clients that have to be purchased. Check out Emerald Seqouia’s website for more information. This one definitely needs to be on your iPad/iPhone !

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