iPad for Engineers – Mochasoft iPad Telnet

TelnetThis is another app that you should have on your iPad. Even though we should all be using SSH to be on the safe side, sometimes Telnet may be your only option. You may also have a device that wont work with SSH. I know that we all have a laptop but there are times you may need to be looking at more than one device at a time or the laptop may not be nearby.

Starting with the Lite version is definitely the way to go. It doesn’t have all the function, arrow or other keys that you will have available if you go with the full version of the Telnet app. If you dont need Telnet a lot, then you can probably get buy with the just Lite version. The products from the folks at Mochasoft are reasonably priced to where buying several of the ones you need should be very affordable. For those who have the newer iPad 2, you can use the built-in camera as a barcode scanner.

I usually keep a copy of both the Lite and Full versions of each of the apps from Mochasoft that I have. I have never had a problem with any of apps but it never hurts to have a different copy so that if something were to happen, you wouldnt be dead in the water until the problem was fixed. Click here to see all of the apps from Mochasoft.

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