iPad for Engineers – Mocha VNC

VNCIf you have been working with computers for any amount of time, you have probably dealt with some flavor or distribution of VNC. Although RDP is something to have handy, VNC allows you to watch someone while they are working through a problem or when you need to access a machine without disrupting the session that is already running.

There are two flavors of this app available – Lite and Full. The main things you get in the Full version are full mouse support, extra keys such as ALT, CTRL, Option and Apple keys. What I really like is that you have your choice of VNC distributions to use on the target machines. Mocha VNC has been tested with Real VNC, Tight VNC and Ultra VNC or in other words, probably the version of VNC that you are using. Another key sequence you will pick up is the ever favorite Ctrl+Alt+Delete key.

You can connect to either Windows or Mac systems. One thing to remember is to not run a real high screen resolution such as 2000 x 2000 since this will take longer to display on your iPad and also result in really really small print. Unless you have a big magnifying glass or have really good vision (i.e. 10/10) you will have a hard time reading what will be displayed on your screen as well as taking a long time to render if you dont run out of video memory first. I keep both versions installed on my iPad so that just in case I have a problem with one version of the app, I have a backup version ready to go. This is just one of the products from the good folks at Mochasoft.dk.

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