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Red Park CableI have been using this app more than I would have expected. While there are several apps available that you can Telnet or SSH to your Cisco devices with, this one is the first I have found that lets you plug into the console port and talk directly to the device you are working on. So with one app, you have your choice of all three methods of connecting. This is a multi-platform app that is available on the iPod and iPhone platforms in addition to the iPad/iPad2.

The app is very versatile, While I wouldnt use this for doing a lot of configuring, it is very comfortable for doing minor changes and checking interface status, etc. There is a built-in command manager so that you only have to type the command in once and then it is just a screen tap or to and you have it at the ready. You also have a password manager function built in so that if you are using the strong passwords (like we all should and probably arent), you can keep the mistyping of that to a minimum. If you have other devices you need to console into such as a Sun server or systems that need to have the F keys available, you can quickly make those special keys available just type tapping on the icon you will see that the top of the screen.

If you want to keep track of what you did on a particular device or want to capture the configuration, you can record that information to a log file in Get Console for later transfer to your PC or configuration management system. I had intermittent problems with earlier versions loosing contact with the special cable you need to get from the folks at Redpark. Later versions have havent shown that particular problem nearly as often. One thing I would suggest is to plug in the cable to the iPad/iPhone/iTouch first before starting the app. It is possible that the connector on my iPad might be a little sensitive to movement. One interesting feature that I havent been able to try yet is the option to remotely access the Get Console App from servers that are available from Get-console.com. This will require that you also have Wifi or 3G access available on your iPad/iPhone so you can get access to the gear you are consoled into without being at the iPad/iPhone. If your security folks dont like you going to an external server, you have an option of putting up your own Private server to get this same functionality.

The Get Console app is available on the iTunes store for $10 – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/get-console/id412067943?mt=8. The cable is available from Red Park for $59 plus shipping – http://www.redpark.com/c2rj45.html.

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