iPad for Engineers – Generating strong passwords

Creating passwords is not something that any of us really enjoys doing. To keep the wolfs at the door, we all need to do a better job with creating strong passwords. Sometimes you get into a rut and cant come up with a good one if your life depended on it. Fortunately, there are several apps available in the iTunes store for your iPad/iPhone that can create a password that should be able to make best of the auditors either cringe or shake their head in agreement.

Passwort Generator PRO

Just when you thing you have seen everything, lets not stop at passwords but also look at passphrases for SSID’s for your wireless network. Let’s face it, if someone is going to break in, they probably will given enough time. The trick is you dont have to make it easy for them. One of the best sites I have seen for this is Steve Gibson’s website grc.com. The passwords website is the best I have seen for creating a difficult to use password.

When you have created the password or passphrase you think you will use, Steve Gibson has another site that helps give you a basic idea of how long it will take someone to crack the password or passphrase that you are thinking of using. This should be confused with how “strong” the password is.

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