iPad for Engineers – Cisco Technical Support App

Cisco iPadThis is an app that I use frequently. It allows me to watch for replies to questions I have posted in various Cisco Support Community forums. For forums that match the various technologies that I work on, I can “subscribe” to those specific forums without having to continually login the forums and drill down to each of the forums that I want to review. For those threads that I want to watch before posting my own question that may be very similar to what is being discussed, I can keep up with a discussion that may continue over a period of days/weeks/months depending on the level of interest.

Keeping with various RSS feeds coming out a Cisco used to mean that I had to use yet another App. With the Cisco Technical Support app, I can now keep up with those and hopefully avoid some of the problems that I see being discussed before they become serious. If there are documents that you want to keep track of that are posted by others that may be periodically updated, you can keep track of those within this same App. With Cisco periodically releasing support or instruction videos on YouTube, you have the ability watch those on your iPad/iPhone.

It is hard to give you a sense of what this app can but I think you will find that you will use it more than you might initially anticipate. Unlike some of the apps where you have to pay for it up front before you really know how useful it will be, this app wont be one of them. If you dont already have a CCO login account, now would be a good time to get one and be able to reach out to a community of folks that are dealing with some of the same issues you have or have already experienced.

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