Interesting Training Opportunity – Cyber-RAID

You can never get enough training. The key is to get GOOD training. I recently came across such an opportunity.

Cyber-RAID is coming to Kansas City, Mo in September this year is an opportunity to participate in a near real world experience of a network being attached from the defender (blue team) or attacker (red team). Having participated in several years of table top emergency management exercises, being able to participate in an situation that should very closely match handling everyday network operations requests while simultaneously having to deal with a network attack that could bring down your entire operation.

One of the benefits that I can see from participating in this type of event is that you will start to develop the skills at working with local and federal law enforcement so that if and when the real thing happens, you will be able to start from a point of reference instead of floundering around and wasting precious time. As I write this post, there are just a few slots left on the blue team with a few more available on the red team. For more information, please check out

I hope to be able to secure permission to do posts to my blog from there as well as a possible podcast. Stay tune for more information as things get closer. Hope to see you there !

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