How to choose a UPS ?

In doing some research for a couple of projects I am working on as well as content for the website, I came across the following document on APC’s website – This answers some question I had when I first got started working with networks. A UPS is the one thing that can get scrimped on when money is tight and probably the least understood when trying to size on properly.

I had the opportunity to tour one of IBM’s regional data centers several years ago. Outside of the 4 floor building was a modest size building called B Building (I later learned it got that name because it as a concrete building that housed nothing but batteries. The amount of batteries in the building was calculated to be just enough to give enough runtime to allow the generators located nearby time enough to startup and stabilize on power output before taking over for the batteries. Once the generators were online, the regional facility I was at had just enough time to being shutting down all the mainframe CPU’s and DASD that were onsite.

I am working on getting someone from APC to be interviewed for my podcast that will go into more detail than the document that you see the link to here. With money being tight at this point, now is not the time to quote Ben Franklin to be penny wise and pound foolish. Put another way, would you rather spend a little less now and run the risk of spending even more later to get back into normal business operations or worse yet to loose data to corruption caused by abrupt power loss do the data equipment.

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