Google Project Fi – Getting closer but they are teasing us !

Google Fi LogoIn the past few days, Google is showing signs that Project Fi is real. The tools to help get the best results from it are starting to see the light of day. The first such tool is in the Google Play store and is found by searching for Project Fi.

Going by the screen shots included with the product, there will be a good bit of data available when the service launches. For example, you can see current usage and past month usage data to mention just some of what is coming. Only if you have a Nexus 6 will you be able to download the app. If, like me, you have anything but that, you will only see a button that says incompatible with your device.

If you do have a Nexus 6, you are a little closer but will still not have any joy. Reports are surfacing that you can download the app but it either crashes or wont run. In the few reports where it was able to run, you are prompted for a username and password for Project FI that you dont have right now.

google walletIn any event, there is still something you can do to be further down the path to be ready for Google/Project Fi when it does become available. You can start the process by going to If you only have an IOS device, you can still download Google Wallet. The significance of Google Wallet is that it will be how payments are processed for Project Fi. This will be one less thing that you have to do once you get the invite for Project Fi. The first time you enter Google Wallet on your Android/IOS device, you will be prompted for a PIN. Record this pin in your password manager or whatever method you use to keep track of such information.

You can manage your Google Wallet by going to You can view the transactions and payments for this account. This is where you can also add extra sources of payment to be used by Google Wallet.

With what little is publicly available on Project Fi, I already seen one benefit for this phone/service. In the event of an emergency, it is possible that at least one cell phone provider may have service related issues. That could cause problems if you are using a phone that only understands about one provider. With Project Fi using two different cell providers, the potential for problems is lower. I will post again once I either have my Project Fi invite or have been able to find more information that is interest.

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