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Net JournalUsing Evernote on my iPad and iPhone were where Evernote has really proven its worth. I have a hardbound notebook from Cisco Press known as “A Networker’s Journal”. This is a hard bound book with lined paper. I have been using this for over 8 years as my knowledge of all things Cisco has grown. A couple of times, I have misplaced the book and my life passed before my eyes because there was information in that book that either wasnt written down anywhere else or was information that wasnt going to be easily found. As with anything made with paper, the spline of the book was beginning to show its age from having been my faithful companion for many years. I knew that I had to do something. Evernote to the rescue.

There are two different modes that Evernote on mobile devices will work in. If you always have internet access available, you are good to go without anything else that you will need to do. For devices that don’t always have internet access available, such as the Wifi only iPad, you have another option. By subscribing for premium level service, you get the added benefit of having “offline” notebooks. By going into the settings area on the mobile client that you are using, you will select each notebook that you want to have available when you are offline or dont have access to the internet. Depending on the size and number of your Evernote notebooks, the first time downloading everything has the potential to take a while.

When you have offline notebooks enabled, you will see another benefit. I keep quite a few pdf’s stored in some of my notebooks, so when using an offline notebook, even when you have internet access available, you will be able to see the stored pdf’s without having to download the pdf before you can see it. When I need to share a config example I have written, I can email to myself or whoever I am working with and since it will arrive as text, it is immediately editable so something can be done with it without having to retype the entire item.

When shifting from a laptop/desktop client to the one of the mobile clients, you will have a little bit of an interface shift. The “Stack” feature that allows you to group together notebooks that share a common topic hasnt made it to all of the mobile clients but the folks at Evernote is moving in that direction. I have been using the application since August 2011 and wouldnt think of trying to keep things organized without it.

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