Evernote – Keeping Track of your certification records

For those that have been in the networking arena for several years or more will have a fair collection of certifications and accompanying exams that it took to get those certifications. When I got my first certifications almost 20 years ago, you were given a stern warning by more than one certification vendor that you needed to keep the exam score sheets in a safe place because if there was a problem with your certification or needed the certificate replaced, the exam reports might be only only method of proof that you had passed one or more exams needed. To illustrate that point, it was fairly common early on that the exam report would be embossed/crimped with what look like a notary seal to serve as proof that the exam report was the real deal and not something you had printed on your own printer.

Those days are long gone and so is the wait for the test results to be received by the company whose certification you are pursuing. This is where having a document scanner that is compatible with Evernote comes in handy. As my experience with Evernote grew, I created a Notebook for each of the certifications and scanned in all of the exam score reports and the accompanying certification just to keep things all in one place. When I finished scanning in all of the certification records that I had, I created a Notebook Stack and put all of those certification records in that stack.

Another advantage for scanning in all of your certification records is that if the worst possible thing happens and your certification records are burned up or otherwise destroyed is that you have a copy of them that cant be destroyed. If you find yourself looking for a new job, you will have all of your certification records at the ready for the perspective employer to review. They will still want to have the information verified but it will also show them how organized you are.

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