Evernote – Capturing Web Pages with Web Clipping and Clearly

I use both the web clipping functionality that is built into Evernote and the additional add-on known as Evernote Clearly. When I am in the midst of researching a particular topic for a blog post or a project that I am working on in the lab, I use both of these handy utilities. Most of the time, I use these from within Firefox, although depending on how a site renders, I may switch to Internet Explorer or Chrome.

With the Evernote web clipping utility, I mostly use the article clipping option. Depending on the rest of page renders, I may opt for the full page as there may be a side link that I want to followup later on. If there is a lot of embedded links and other stuff tying up real estate on what I am ready, I will go directly to Evernote Clearly. It does a great job in stripping out the things that I dont want to see so that I can see what is there a lot better. As a part of the process, it really makes the text it is capturing snap right off the screen.

Before getting a good understanding of how both of these two little goodies work, my way of capturing web pages was to print to pdf and then drag that PDF over to a newly created note in the notebook I was working on. With the Mac, you have the option of printing to a pdf and sending it directly to Evernote without the intermediate step of creating a new note and then dragging the pdf into that note.

I just recently starting working with Chrome, so I am anxious to see how both the Evernote web clipping and Clearly utilities respond in that browser. Either way, you will get a lot of use out of both of these utilities. You will find that you can do a lot of capturing of information on the fly and later go back to pick up some details that you didnt see on the first pass.

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