Evernote – An easy tool for Tech people to get and stay organized

While I was looking at finding a way to have an “electronic” version of my old faithful Cisco hardbound notebook, I came across Evernote. Over a period of several weeks, I manually typed in all of my notes plus a few that I only had in email. As I kept reading about what Evernote was able to handle, I found that it was much more than a electronic notebook. As my list of folders grew, I found out about the Stacks option that allowed me to group similar notebooks together to help reduce the on screen clutter.

As my familiarity grew, so did my uses. As I was working on different projects, I created a folder for each project. I put periodic backups of the various Cisco devices that I was working with to keep track of what did or didnt work. When I found a PDF that was related to what I was working on, I created a new note and “dragged” the pdf onto the Note. While I use a separate application on my iPad to view the PDF’s that in my library, being able to drag project related pdf’s directly into a notebook to keep everything in one place is really nice.

What I have become really spoiled to with Evernote is it’s multi platform support. My primary computer is a MacBook Pro. When I am in the lab or elsewhere, I may be using an iPad to review information already entered. Occasionally I may use a Windows laptop. Evernote has a client for all those platforms and more. While there are some feature differences between platforms (only the Mac, Windows and Web client have the Stack functionality), I have learned to work with that while Evernote is having a given feature available on all Platforms.

As I have brought my neglected website back online that you are now reading, I have found that Evernote is also handy for outlining a particular series of blog entries on subjects such as Mobile Broadband or Evernote so that I can say everything I want to say and keep folks coming back to my site on a daily basis or as often as I posted new entries. I also use it to plan out my Twitter entries to that I can keep track of what I have already sent something out on or what I will need to send something on. It has also been useful as I research new areas that I want to take advantage of such as doing the Enhanced Podcasts where I take the same audio that I have already recorded but add pictures to it so that you can see what I am talking about instead of having to pull up a web browser while you are listening to the podcast or remember to do it when you have Internet access.

As you look at Evernote, one thing that I cant suggest strongly enough is that you look at the Premium service, very reasonable at $50 US a year. I initially went to that because I wasnt able to see all of my notes or notebooks on the iPad if I didnt have an internet connection available. With the Premium subscription, you gain the ability to have offline notebooks so that you can see everything that was available the last time that you synced that particular copy of Evernote with the Evernote servers. There are more advantages to the Premium subscription than that but that is the one that I am getting the most use out of right now. Using Evernote, I already have 10 different blog entries planned for Evernote so that you can see how I am using it daily and how it will be able to help you as well.

Stay tuned for the updates that will follow where we will cover using it as a configuration management tool. Check out Evernote at www.evernote.com.

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