Do you know someone who is a New VMware Admin ?

Did you just inherit your company’s VMware servers and want to hit the ground running ?

Did your company just implement VMware and the consultants who set it up have left ?

Do you want to learn some Tips & Tricks they don’t teach you in VCP School ?

I recently released an eBook on the Amazon Kindle titled “VMware – A Guide for New Admins”. ┬áHere is some of what this book will show you –

– How to applVMware - A Guide for New Admins - Canva Cover #1y VMware security patches to keep your ESXi hosts safe
– The importance of setting up NTP on all hosts
– How to use an internal/isolated vStandard switch
– Creating a local backup account on ESXi

To purchase this book, go to this link –

For other books written by Ron Nutter, goto this link –

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