DIY Windows Updates

I dont know about you but I seem to be my families computer support person. This usually means (on the windows machines) that I need to make sure that all of the windows updates are applied on a periodic basis. Call me old fashioned but I am not comfortable with leaving Windows set up to automatically download and install the updates with having been through a few updates that were either rolled back because of problems or with ones that were later updated with a replacement because of something that was missed or a problem that the patch/update introduced that wasnt present before the update was applied.

The challenge we have all run into at some point is that where we happen to be at either doesnt have broadband or has a very very slow DSL connection that in either case could result in hours or a day or more of download time spent getting the updates depending on how long it has been since the alst updates were applied. I was recently made aware of something called WSUS Offline Update. This tool gives you the ability to download all of the updates for a particular OS to a portable flash or hard drive and locally installing the updates without tying up your internet connection.

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