Change to Cisco RMA procedure

For those that haven’t had to work with Cisco TAC on an RMA return, there is a change that I ran into a couple of days ago that you might want to know about. In the past, you would get a some forms and a pouch to put the shipping label/paperwork into for return to Cisco. I had to return a piece of Cisco gear and was surprised when I got the replacement item not to find any paperwork. No problem, as I remembered the Cisco Logistics website to to go, plug in the RMA number from the email I got when the item shipped and I could generate the paperwork. I tried several times but the website kept rejecting the RMA number as invalid. When I pulled up the details on the RMA, it confirmed the number was valid and that the part was to be returned.

I took a closer look at the shipping label and noticed what I thought once on label that had been placed over the top of another. The line about peeling off the label to reveal the label for shipping back was mostly obscured. I don’t have the best vision in the world and just happen to see something that didn’t look right. When I peeled off the shipping label, what did I find but an already applied shipping label back to the Cisco RMA processing center. When I got a reply to the email I sent to Cisco Logistics, they sent me back to the website where I had not been able to enter the RMA number I had received in the previously mentioned email. I suggested they re-read my email where I said that the website had rejected the RMA number I had been sent. Looks like some of the Logistics folks didn’t get told about the change.

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