CCNP – Study Aids for CCNP Route Exam

Since I didnt do well on the CCNP Route exam the first time through, I am going over all of the materials I have accumulated during my studies. Some of these you may or may not have heard about.

CCNP GuideCCNP Route 642-902 Exam Guide from This is one of the best things I have found since starting down the CCNP Route/Switch certification path. It cuts right to the bone and helps you go over the meat of the material that you will need to be comfortable with for the exam. This is one of the PDF’s that Aaron has put together. He has also done others that complement the SWITCH and TSHOOT exams. I have had no problems in reading this in GoodReader on my iPad. Depending on the budget you are on for taking the exams, you can buy each study guide as you need it or hopefully, Aaron will have a bundle available for all three exams on his website soon.

Lab ManualMy main challenge with the new CCNP exams is to find a source of lab examples to work through while getting a good grasp on the concepts I am learning. This book, originally intended for the Cisco Networking Academy program, gradually builds one concept on another. By the point you should have a good handle on things, you are given a couple of “challenge” labs to walk through given very basic info to walk through, the basic router configs to start with and information as to what you should see on the routers when you are finished. One thing that the book covered early on and uses through the labs is using the tclsh scripts to do a mass ping of everything you have setup in the lab to confirm that everything is working right. That is a concept that I can already see everyday applications for in basic network troubleshooting when a user calls in and reports that something is down.

Command GuideThe one tool that has served me well in the CCNA days was the Portable Command Guide. At the CCNP level, the first one you will need is CCNP Route Portable Command Guide when going for the ROUTE exam. This book breaks the commands down by subject areas giving you practical examples on how use the command you are looking at without just being a cut and past from the IOS command guide. You can get this in either paperback or pdf form. For PDF form, you will need to buy it through the Safari Online website if you want a pdf or you can also get it as an eBook for the Kinda app or reader depending on which you have.

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