CCNP – Study Aid for TSHOOT exam

As a part of my preparation for going to a CCNP Bootcamp, I have been looking for anything that will help me apply what I will be learning at class so that I can increase my chances of passing the exams while I am in class. Having taken certification exams for over 20 years, it has been interesting to watch how the exams have changed over the years. Everything I have read about the TSHOOT is that it is probably the most challenging exam that Cisco has produced to date in the Professional exam track.

In doing some of my research today, I found this link on Cisco Education website – I spent some time going through the Exam demo. It was a very humbling experience. My initial reaction was that it was the same question repeated 3 times just to show what the exam had the potential to be like. Was I ever wrong. While yes the question remained the same, the conditions that you were using to answer the questions were transparently changing on the back end. I would go through all of the links on this page and go over everything several times. It would be a very good idea to download and print out the TSHOOT exam topology. From everything that I have read, it would be a good use of your study time to become very familiar with the three different exam topologies.

I have looked over the comments on the page. There are several that give you a good idea on how to budget your time. On this exam, probably more than the ROUTE or SWITCH exams, time management will become even more important. I got a taste of this process when I made my first attempt on the ROUTE exam. So magnify that several times with what you can probably expect to find on the TSHOOT exam since I understand it is entirely a scenario based exam where you are working with “trouble tickets” and not just answering a series of questions. I will have another post in the next day or so with some of the other study aids I have found specifically for the TSHOOT exam.

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