CCNP – Starting to study for SWITCH exam

UPS delivered the box containing all my course material from Bootcamp on thursday. Sat down yesterday and today to map out a strategy on studying for the SWITCH exam. I started preparing today for taking the exam in two weeks. With the amount of my score below the pass level for the exam, I want to take a little extra time to make sure I am really prepared to take the exam and pass it on the next try.

I began the study process by reviewing my notes from the SWITCH class and the text from the course material that I had highlighted. I had mentioned in an earlier post that I also had the ExSim-Max Practice Exam and NetSim for CCNP from the good folks at BOSON. While I had used it some in my followup prep for the ROUTE exam, I plan on using it substantially for the SWITCH exam. I have already spent part of the afternoon working my way through the NetSim labs for HSRP and VRRP. Since there is a lot of info on the screen when using NetSim, I printed out each of the lab instructions and worked my way through it. That allowed me to have a larger font to better be able to see what I was looking at on the terminal screens. Although I have enough lab equipment to be able to mock this up in hardware, I elected to make my initial pass by using NetSim. This gets me more familiar with NetSim than I might have been otherwise. The other benefit is that it will give me a controlled exposure to all of the technology using a known methodology before I try it on my own hardware. I have run into a few question with NetSim that I have sent of to the contact I have a BOSON. Will share that with you once I hear back.

I will also make use of ExSim-Max as well to get me in the mindset of the types of questions I can expect to see on the exam. Since I have already made one attempt at the exam, I have seen one set of questions but would like to be prepared as best I can to be able to put this exam in the done column when I take it next week.

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