CCNP – Moving down the certification trail

Sorry that I didn’t have something to put up yesterday but I decided to devote all my energy to doing one last major push to studying for the ROUTE exam. Took it this morning and passed. Anyone can fail an exam once but I was embarrassed to have failed twice. The first time, I wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be. The second time was close but as they say no cigar. This mornings successful pass at the ROUTE exam. I had a very different exam from the first two. I was surprised at how many questions I had that involved RIP. Wouldn’t have thought that was CCNP level test material.

I will spend this weekend working on a series of posts that I will be using for my studying for the SWITCH exam. Since I have already taken one pass at this during my recent CCNP Bootcamp experience, I will be working on where I need to build up my knowledge before I make my next attempt at the exam. Due to my work schedule, my plans currently call for me to take the exam in two weeks. I will be going over the SIMS that may show up on the exam based on what I have seen on publicly available websites.

My study habits changed significantly between TSHOOT AND ROUTE. Based on what I have learned on those two exams, I have a couple of tweaks planned for the SWITCH exam in the hopes that I can get it passed when I take it in two weeks from now.

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