CCNP Bootcamp – The day before class (Part 2)

By the time you read this, I will probably in the first day of class. I flew to the city where the bootcamp is being held. Since my last post, I have made a few preparations that might be worth thinking about when you go to a bootcamp.

1) Bring some of your own office supplies. While I will be using my laptop and Evernote to keep things organized for each day of class, sometimes you will find that things jog your memory when you see it in your own writing. I stopped by a local office supply store and picked up a couple of highlighters and some gel pens to write my notes with. I picked up a several notebooks, one for each of the 3 classes that make up the CCNP Route/Switch certification.

2) I brought my Cradlepoint CTR-35 travel router with me. Since my hotel room only has a wired internet connection, using the CTR-35 allows me to get both my MacBook Pro and the other devices I have with me on the single connection as needed without having to jump through some hoops to get there. As a backup, I have both of my USB Broadband devices with me so that if I need off network internet access, I have my choice of CDMA and GSM carriers.

3) Since I will be working on my laptop for most of the class and sometimes need a break from looking the screen, I stopped by a local electronics store that I had looked up in advance and found a real bargain on an inkjet printer – $20 brand new in the box. Found the necessary USB cable, got a spare inkjet cartridge and a ream of paper so that I should be able to print out anything that I might need while in class. Will find a new home for the printer when I fly back home since I don’t want to fool with shipping the printer back.

4) Although not a technical item, it is important to eat healthy and wise while you are in class. It is too easy to eat out all the time while in class and take time away from much needed studying. Since the hotel I am staying at only had a mini-fridge, I stopped by a local Walmart and acquired a cheap cooler ($25) and got an assortment of the frozen vegetables that you can steam in the microwave along with some tea, milk and some diet soda. That way at the end of the day, I can come directly to hotel room and spent the maximum time studying to be able to pass the exam with the best score and learning the most from class.

Starting tomorrow, I will be shifting over to an audio podcast format to get the information as quickly as possible. For those of you who are reading this via Google+ or Tumblr, you will probably need to come directly to and listen to the podcast from there since I dont know how well the process I use to post the mp3 file will work when the information is uploaded to my main site and cross posted to either of the services mentioned.

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