CCNP Bootcamp – 7th Day of class (Part 9)

Today was the 2nd day of the SWITCH books. We went through several labs as well. Still have a few to go through tomorrow. Will be meeting with one of the others in the class later tonight to review what we covered today. As a part of that process, we will try to identify where we still think we are weak and discuss those at class tomorrow if we cant identify what we need to study additionally.

At this point we are on track to take our SWITCH exam late Tuesday afternoon. This gives us all day tomorrow and most of the day on Tuesday to cover the remaining material, review what we have covered and go through some practice exams. I have obtained the complete set of BOSON study products for the Route/Switch/Tshoot exams. I didnt use those for the ROUTE exam and we all know how well I did (or didn’t do). I have be using BOSON for the remainder of the exams and especially the TSHOOT exam since that one has an especially challenging reputation.

With luck, I hope to increase my chances for passing the exams and hopefully having my CCNP in Route/Switch at the end of this week. See you tomorrow !

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