CCNP Bootcamp – 6th Day of class (Part 8)

We started covering the material for the SWITCH exam. Some of this is familiar territory for me but we also got into more detail on some of those areas than I had before. We also got into several areas where I didnt have any experience or just recognized some of the terminology. We covered a couple of laps to work through what we were going over in the books. Will be covering additional labs when we restart in the morning.

Due to the problems I ran into on the exam and not passing it, Jeff (the instructor) met me at my hotel this evening and reviewed the material in the area that I scored the lowest on the exam. At his suggestion, I am not going to look at the ROUTE info we discussed tonight again until after I take the SWITCH exam on Tuesday. He helped me dissect the questions we were looking at to quickly see how best to answer the question. I could have an entirely different exam when I try again this friday after I take the TSHOOT exam. He suggested that I give myself an hour or so between exams to relax and decompress.

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