CCNP Bootcamp – 5th Day of class (Part 7)

Today was ROUTE exam day. Two in the class took their exam yesterday and passed. I knew the exam wasn’t going to be easy and had been putting in a lot of study time in preparation for that plus what I had done before coming to Bootcamp. Of those who have taken the exam, I am the only who didn’t pass the exam. I had spent a lot of time preparing for the simulations because that was what had caught me off guard during my first attempt at the ROUTE exam. This time the simulations came a lot easier. My score this time was much improved over the first attempt. My instructor looked at the exam report and felt that I only missed it by one question, maybe two. It still stings. I didn’t expect to pass with high score, I would have been happy with just passing the exam. Guess that wasnt meant to be just yet.

I will be talking to Bootcamp management on Monday to see what the schedule will allow for my making another attempt at the ROUTE exam on this coming friday. That will mean two exams in one day, which is not something I would like to do but it may be my best chance at finishing the two weeks with my CCNP R/S and having my other Cisco certs renewed in the process. The instructor for the class, Jeff, has already offered to help me identify where I am weak in knowledge after studying for the SWITCH exam. Will have to see how I can juggle that while not falling behind on preparing for the SWITCH exam.

Doing some prep work tonight in advance of starting SWITCH tomorrow morning. Will do my best to hit the ground running in the morning.

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