CCNP Bootcamp – 4th Day of class (Part 6)

Spent a late night in class going over some of the topics that a few of us had questions on. While some of the questions might seem simple to some, if you have deal with a particular topic before, the question might not be so simple. Sometimes the answer can be right in front of you but if you dont have a good grasp on the subject, you might not realize that you are looking at the answer. Even though by the time you get to the CCNP level, you should have a good grasp on subnetting and how to do it, the instructor spent time reviewing it and show a different way that he uses. It never hurts to know more than one way on how to do something.

After a late bite of dinner, several of us got together and spend a few hours reviewing what we had covered during the day. Where some were stronger on a particular subject area, such as IPv6, they helped clear up some questions that others had whose understanding wasnt as strong. This is the first bootcamp I have been to where I saw the coming together of those in class after hours to help everyone get through what we were covering.

The 4th day of class will be a study day where we will all be going through the labs/simulations on our on to make sure we get familiar with the keystrokes and testing of the configuration once we have it up and running. It also served as a good time of still learning additional lessons. When I setup the OSPF IPv6 Virtual link lab, I saw all the loading to full statements come through but didn’t see any of the routes coming through. Rechecked all my routers. Verified that I could ping all the IPv6 addresses from all of the routers. Finally figured out the problem, I was using sh ip route, sh ip ospf, etc commands instead of sh ipv6 route, sh ipv6 ospf, etc. Only took about 15 minutes to realize I was using the wrong troubleshooting commands. Have that written down as a part of my last minute review before taking the test.

From what our instructor told us, I cant stress enough to go through the sample questions before actually starting the test. If you havent take a Cisco test for a while, this will be time well spent and wont count against your actual time spent taking the test. I know of one person who skipped the chance to go through the sample questions and in part due to that, completely skipped a question. If you run into a problem during the test, either wave at the camera in the room or worst case, open the door and get the Proctor’s attention but do not leave the room.

Spent the day going over what might show up on the exam as possible simulations. Went through those several times. Finished class for the day a few moments ago to get a bite to eat and do some more studying. Plans are to take the ROUTE exam tomorrow morning and then start into studying for the SWITCH exam.

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