CCNP Bootcamp – 1st Day of class (Part 3)

When class got started today, we never stopped. It didnt take long to see how much was in store for us when you walked in and saw the stack of books for each student in the class. The instructor started off y introducing himself and giving us an idea of his background. He next laid out the timeline for when we would be covering each particular topic and when we would be taking each each of the three exams.

We started off with EIGRP and then got into the guts of OSPF. There were some of the concepts in OSPF such as LSA and Area types that I kept getting confused on. We didnt move onto the next topic until everyone understood things thoroughly. I had planned on doing this update via audio tonight but I am looking at about 6 hours of reading to get ready for what we will be covering tomorrow. Will take things on a day to day basis and will try to do audio updates when possible.

You will be taking a lot of notes, both in the Cisco Education books as well as a notepad. When the instructor said that something was an important concept or we discussed something in more than passing detail, I highlighted the page number at a minimum and usually the items that were of interest.

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