CCNP Bootcamp – 12th Day of class (Part 14)

Sorry for just now getting this posted. Class ended early today and I took the TSHOOT exam. A very fair and interesting exam. If you really understand and know the network layout, you shouldnt need to use anything more than ping and sh run to answer the questions assuming you know the underlying technologies the questions are about. I did pass this exam for a change. Since Cisco prefers not to have scores publicly listed, I will say that while I didnt get a perfect score, it was close enough to not really make a difference.

I am doing some last minute packing before getting on a plane to return home. Once I get home, I will continue this series, albeit under a slightly different name as I still have to take the ROUTE and SWITCH exams. I will go into more detail on what I did to pass the TSHOOT exam to help others in this quest. Thanks to the kind people at BOSON, I will be bringing some different options to the table for your consideration.

While I would have preferred to have passed all three exams, I did complete one of my goals which was to pass at least one of the exams so that my existing Cisco credentials would be renewed and reset the clock on when they would come up for renewal. I still want to get my CCNP Route/Switch to enhance my skills and marketability.

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