CCNP Bootcamp – 11th Day of class (Part 13)

Spent today going through the rest of the possible questions or “tickets” as they are referred to in TSHOOT that we have the possibility of getting. Wont know for sure until I actually sit for the exam tomorrow. Several in the class I am in came up with a tool to help remember the tickets we may be dealing with based on the information that we have found on the Internet and during the course of our studying for TSHOOT. Will see how that works out and will put that in a followup post tomorrow night.

I had hoped to retake the ROUTE exam tomorrow but that just wasnt in the cards. There are 3 Pearson Vue testing centers (including the location where I am taking the CCNP Bootcamp at) and all three are booked to capacity tomorrow. I can understand why my location is booked. The folks at my testing center called the other two centers trying to see if there was any way I could get squeezed in but alas, that was simply not possible. The other two centers havent been able to put a pattern to why they suddenly filled up. Apparently this is pretty unusual that all three are booked solid on the same day.

I am building a list of topics that I didnt do well on in the exams I have taken. I will take each of these areas in the coming weeks and cover them in posts on my site so that hopefully I can help others who are studying for their CCNP avoid some of the problems I have run into. While some of these areas are covered in the Cisco Education Materials, I think I will be able to present them in a way that is a little less confusing and with some troubleshooting info that should help increase your level of understanding and be better able to answer the potential questions you may run into on the exams.

I have been in contact with a previous instructor I had for CCNP Security and he confirms the difficulty on the ROUTE exam. His students are reporting passing or failing by just a question or two. In my case I think that was directly related to several IPv6 questions I ran into and getting no material on it in the book. My plans at this point are to retake the ROUTE exam on friday next week since I am probably more prepared to take it versus the SWITCH exam. After I pass ROUTE, I will start working on SWITCH so I can get that crossed off my list

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