CCNP Bootcamp – 10th Day of class (Part 12)

Started the TSHOOT material today. We went through a series of labs to get our feet wet. We all learned some lessons early on – be consistent in your troubleshooting methodology. Dont try to over analyze the problem. One of the things that the labs will show you is where your knowledge is weak. One area that I found was dealing with route maps and BGP. I had done one route map about two years ago and then I mostly copied the config from another router that was setup similar to what I needed to do. When you dont do something a lot, you get very rusty very quickly.

Talked to the testing center folks today about trying to retake the ROUTE exam on friday either before or after the TSHOOT exam. I would like to get an hour or two between exams to give me time to clear my head and do a little refreshing before the next test. Hope to know sometime tomorrow if that will be possible. With it being the last day of class, I will be vying for time with the other classes, so it may not be possible.

Tomorrow’s agenda will involve covering some more of the labs that we may encounter on the TSHOOT exam. The trick with this exam will be to work through all of the tickets in the time allowed. Based on my performance on the two previous exams, not sure what to expect on the TSHOOT exam. May take one attempt at the exam to figure out how to budget my time to cover all of the questions.

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