Book Review – “IPv6 Essentials 2nd Edition” by Silvia Hagen, O’Reilly Media

IPv6_EssentialsAs I try to learn more about IPv6, I felt I needed to turn to what books had been released to get a different perspective. One of the first books I came across was “IPv6 Essentials 2nd Edition” By Silvia Hagen. I had the good fortune to meet Sylvia many years ago at the yearly Novell Brainshare conference. I remember her then being an early proponent of IPv6.

The name of this book was a very interesting choice. There is something in this book for everyone. The first part of the book goes deep into the background of what led up to IPv6. There are several case studies how early implementations went as well. Being a student of history, I was very interested to read this kind of background that I hadnt seen in this detail anywhere else. To fully appreciate what you are being asked to do and to better understand why things work the way they do.

This is one book that you dont necessarily have to read from the first page to the last. If this is your first exposure to IPv6, you will probably feel overwhelmed very quickly. You can pick and choose what to read and help ease your way into increasing your knowledge about IPv6. For example, reading about the structure of different IPv6 overwhelmed me when I first started reading the book. I started passing over some of that granular detail to help build the overall platform that I needed. In time, when I have a better overall understanding of IPv6, I know that knowing more about the making of the different packet structures will mean even more at that point.

There is a lot of information that you wouldn’t expect to be in such a small book. The range of topics from ICMPv6, Security with IPv6, and Quality of Service are just a few of the topics that you will be exposed to. Even if you haven’t been told that you will be implementing IPv6 in the near future, the more you know about it now will serve you well when the time does come. Concepts such as Mobile IPv6 and Tunnel Broker are some of the areas where you will need to build your awareness.

With this book, I took a departure from previous books I had acquired in the past. I received this book in PDF format and was very glad that I did. Using the GoodReader App on my iPad that you have seen me write about elsewhere on this site, I have the flexibility of marking up/highlighting what initially I decide that is important and have the flexibility of changing those highlights at a later point, something that I wouldnt be able to do with a paper book. O’Reilly, to their credit, has released this book on several different ePub platforms. I also tried this book on the Kindle App on my iPad but kept going back to the GoodReader version because of what I was able to do with marking up the book to help my re-reading of the book over time. Either way, as you build your IPv6 library, this book should get an early spot on the shelf.

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