Book Review – “DNS and BIND on IPv6” by Cricket Liu, Oreilly Media

DNS & Bind for IPv6For those of you who have supported an Internet connection and/or run your own DNS servers have probably heard about DNS and BIND by Cricket Liu and Paul Albitz. That one has been in my library for several years and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. As you increase your knowledge about IPv6, getting the best information available on dealing with DNS and BIND will serve you well.

As well as you may know DNS and BIND, there will be differences when it comes to IPv6. Between setting up AAAA records and setting up reverse lookups, why learn by the school of hard knocks, when you can spend your time productively by getting IPv6 fully enabled in your environment as quickly as possible ? Your experience with IPv4 based DNS will serve a good foundation as you move into the world of IPv6.

This book isn’t just about the server-side of IPv6 configuration. You also go over the client configuration as well as touch on areas such as Dynamic Resolver Configuration, NAT64 and DNS64. Just when you think you have it all covered, then you can start delving into Registering and Delegating to IPv6 Name Servers. This isn’t something that you will have running flawlessly overnight but with this book on your bookshelf, you will have the information handy when you really need it.

This is another book that is available from O’Reilly Media in one of several formats that available on just about any mobile device that you can think of. One good thing about having the book in digital format is that it gives you the option cutting and pasting the examples that Cricket has in the book and putting them into the zone file you are working on. It will be a great help in getting the syntax and file setup correct.

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