Automated Rack Power Management

I had the chance to go to a 2 week CCSP Bootcamp with the CCBOOTCAMP folks. Got first hand experience with being able to individually cycle power to individual switches/routers/etc in the rack I was working on. That really spoiled me. Let’s face it, how many times have we been working on gear in our own lab racks and have managed to lock up a piece of gear and had to power cycle it ? That got me to look at the various options available. What follows is the best of what I found in my research –

Option 1 – Insteon from
SmartHome ControllerSmartHome ModuleI have wanted to try out some of the iPhone/iPad power management options that will allow me to remotely control power to a variety of devices. There wasn’t a starter kit that had what I was looking for. To start with I selected the SmartLinc INSTEON Central Controller ($130) and then 8 ApplianceLinc INSTEON Plug-in Appliance On/Off Modules ($35). Not including shipping or the extension/adapter cables I know I will need to get the power modules to plug into the dumb pdu’s I have in both of my half racks, the initial price came to $410.

Option 2 – AP7900 from

I have used APC’s UPS’s for many years and knew they had some power management options. The lower priced option I could find was the AP7900 which came in at $509 when purchased directly from APC. I found the same thing on Amazon for $398.

Option 3 – NP-08 from

NP-08This comes in at a price point of $289 before shipping. There is a higher level unit, NP-0801D that has a AC Power Management module installed. That raises the cost of the unit to $345. Access to the unit is via serial or ethernet. One feature that caught my attention is it has the ability or smarts to watch an email account to accept remote commands to power up or down a particular port. You can also management the unit via a web browser.

With the eBook I will be starting to write in the coming weeks that will be involving the use of most of my racks at one time or another, I will be checking with the vendors I have mentioned here to see about getting eval units to work with. I will put up additional posts based on the gear I am able to get for evaluation.

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