A must have app for your iPhone – DocScan

This is an app that I was recently introduced to. In the past, I have used the built in camera to take pictures of receipts that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t loose. Even in good lighting, getting a good picture can be a challenge. A friend suggested that I take a look at DocScan. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use from the first time that I used it. After you scan the image, you click the Use bottom to continue with the process to accept the image. On the next screen, you make any adjustments to identify the borders of what you actually scanned so that you can crop out the desk you had the receipt, etc on. On the succeeding screen, you can adjust the brightness and coloring of the image. Click the save button prompts you to put this image in a new document or as an addition to a previous scan. If saving to a new document, you will have the chance to title the scan so that it is something meaningful.

DocscanI work for a company that used an automatic expense reporting system. When I get back from a trip, I spend the better part of the day putting the receipts that I need to submit on a piece of paper, scanning that page into a pdf on the office copier, merging the scanned pdf in the starter pdf doc that the expense system emailed to me and finally identifying all of the expenses reported by the company credit card. Using DocScan, I can scan each of the receipts as I have an expense and then forward those to my company email account as a pdf and then get the expense reporting system to automatically merge the individual pdf’s into one document for submission to accounting. The features I have mentioned are in the free version of the product.

When you upgrade to the Pro version, you can additional options such as forwarding a scan to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and others. You also have the option of exporting to Google Drive with OCR. Paying the additional amount of $1.99 will be well worth getting the additional features. In addition to using it for streamlining my expense reports, I recently was able to use to save someone a trip with a document to get it to someone a group I was in which would have been no small drive. I was able to scan the doc in a matter of seconds and then email to the other party in just a few clicks. One less trip to drive and some gas saved in the process. This is definitely an app you should have on your iPhone !! Click this for more info !!

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